There’s not much worse than a water leak – but few plumbing problems are harder to spot.

An unexpected leak can damage your house’s foundation, destroy your belongings, and leave you dealing with repairs for months on end.

What’s worse, it can be tricky to find a leak before the damage is done, and dealing with it the wrong way can lead to long-term issues like mould and mildew in your home.

In short, leaks are not a plumbing problem to mess around with. That’s why we’re going to explain how to find the best water leak detectors in Melbourne.

Read on for tips, tricks and insights from Melbourne’s leak detection specialists.

Is a professional leak detection service worth the money?

In a word…yes.

We’ve already touched on the huge inconvenience of an unexpected leak — but that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Leaks can come from any variety of places in your home — including pipes, showers, roofs, and gas lines — and it can be hard to detect these leaks with the naked eye.

What’s more, once you have spotted a problem, it can be even more difficult to determine an effective plan of action. For one, it’s hard to figure out the source of a leak (which could be metres away from the place you’re noticing an issue). On top of that, it can often seem like the only solution is to tear into your wall or tiles, and this can come with significant damage and skyrocketing costs.

An expert leak detecting team like Mr. Leak Detector can help you sidestep all of these concerns with superior technology, a team of experts, and professional repair services.

If you’re ready to save time and money by taking care of your leakage problems today, read on to learn what to look out for and how to choose Melbourne’s most skilled leak-finding and leak-fixing team.

How do I choose the best plumber?

Before choosing and hiring any leak detection services, there are a few things that you’ll want to look out for.

Creating a checklist and ticking of the following features will help you take care of your home or business, with the peace of mind that Melbourne’s best plumbers bring.

Do they have superior technology?

Look for a leak detection team that uses cutting edge technology like thermal imaging, CCTV vision, or acoustic listening devices.

This suite of tools helps plumbing teams easily find the source of a leak and identify any areas where water is flowing in your home – without having to cut into the walls or the floors.

Placing emphasis on the quality of equipment helps you:

Save you money

Spot mould growing in unexpected places

Find your leak faster and more efficiently

Are they a team of experts?

Alright, your preferred plumbers have all the latest gadgets and tech, but do they know how to use them?

You’ll want to make sure your team is made up of fully licensed, insured, and certified leak detection specialists.

As we mentioned, leaks are one of those plumbing problems that start small, then go wrong FAST (especially if you’re not working with a professional).

Without expert support you can quickly find yourself facing: This can lead to:

Skyrocketing repair costs

Structural damage in your home

Health concerns if mould or gas are left unchecked

With the right team of experts you’ll avoid these concerns but also:

  • Comply with all regulations (helping you avoid fines)
  • Leave your home or worksite in tip-top condition
  • Provide 24/7 services so you get the help whenever you need it
  • Notice all the possible warning signs of a leak (inc. blistering paint, rusty pipes, saggy ceiling, or unusual sounds)

Do they offer repair services?

You’ve found a leak, awesome.

Now, who’s going to fix it?

Ideally, the experts you choose won’t just help you find the leak – they’ll help you repair it quickly and within your budget.

This may seem like an obvious step, but you don’t want to be paying for a service that isn’t end-to-end and covers leak detection as well as leak repair.

Keep in mind, if you don’t have an expert working with you and you repair the leak incorrectly, you could face a fine up to $32,000 if it’s determined that you breached Victoria’s Plumbing and Drainage Act 2018.

In the same vein,the law requires your plumbers to have insurance, so if any damage occurs because of their work, the corresponding insurance company will be in charge of making the respective compensations instead of you.

In short, licensed repair professionals can save you a ton of money and headache, both in the short-term and the long term.

Do they offer same-day availability?

When it comes to leaks, time is really of the essence.

If your roof, floor, or cabinets have standing water sitting there for a long period of time, it’ll soak in and lead to more problems and more costly repairs.

That’s why the best leak detector teams will offer same-day availability. That’s why our entire team of experts at Mr. Leak Detector are available 24/7. Whether it’s 2pm or 2am, you’ll have a friendly voice on the other end of the phone to help you find the quickest, most affordable solution.

BONUS CHECKLIST: How to spot a leak in your home or business

There’s only one H2O, but plenty of leaks to keep your eye out for.

Here’s a list of the most common leaks that strike Melbourne homes and businesses, plus a few warning signs to watch out for.

How to spot a general water leak

If you have a water leak on your property, it won’t be long before your home starts to send messages.

Here are the telltale signs of a general water leak:

  • Black stains on your ceiling
  • A sagging ceiling
  • Mould and mildew
  • Floor damage
  • Peeling or blistering paint
  • A decrease in water pressure
  • Unusual sounds

If your local plumbers don’t look for these signs, consider that a bright, red flag.

How to spot a pipe leak

Pipe leaks can be tough to spot, as the smaller volume of water may cause damage behind your walls long before warning signs appear.

Be on the lookout for the following issues:

  • Water pressure and blockages
  • Construction issues
  • Pipe corrosion
  • Damage from tree root

How to spot a shower leak

Bathrooms are one of the most common areas where you might detect a leak in your home – after all, there is plenty of water moving through your bathroom pipes.

You’ll want to be aware of:

  • Mould or mildew in the bathroom (especially around your shower)
  • Peeling or flaking paint (caused by excess moisture in your walls)
  • Water stains on the ceiling in the room directly below your shower

When an undetected shower leak can lead to mould, mildew, and other forms of contamination that could ultimately harm your health, it’s important you keep your local plumbers on speed dial.

The best shower leak specialist will not only deal with your leak but also help you effectively address these larger concerns.

How to spot a roof leak

Roof leaks can cause serious damage to the structural integrity of your ceiling, walls, and attic. If this isn’t bad enough, they can also cause major fires if they come in contact with electrical systems.

The right experts will notice all the signs and causes of a roof leak, including:

  • Ceiling bubbles
  • Dripping water
  • Water stains
  • Exterior wall spots
  • Algae or moss on your walls.

The cause of roof leaks vary, so if you notice missing tiles, roof holes, damaged flashing, and obstructed gutters, it’s best to pick up the phone and organise a quick assessment.

Remember, it’s better to catch a small leak today than try to fix an enormous leak (and the structural damage it brings) tomorrow.

How to spot a gas leak

Gas leaks are some of the most dangerous leaks that you can encounter, as gas can seriously damage your health (and may even be fatal).

It’s tough to detect gas leaks, but be hyper-vigilant for:

  • Dead houseplants
  • Sulfur or rotten egg odours
  • Hissing or whirring sound near your gas line
  • Damage to your gas pipe

Melbourne’s best gas experts will be licensed, insured, and on-call 24/7 to ensure your home and health are protected.

Looking for fast and affordable leak detection in Melbourne?

If you’re experiencing a leak in your home, you’ll want to deal with the problem right away to avoid skyrocketing costs, a damaged home, or worse.

The best water leak detection plumbers will help you identify any current leaks, offer reliable solutions to help you deal with your problems swiftly and permanently, and be ready to remove your stress whether it’s midday or midnight.

That way, you’ll be able to focus on what really matters: your family and enjoying a leak-free home.

Concerned you’ve got a small leak that needs fixing before it becomes a BIG problem?

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