DIY Leak Detection Test

A sudden drop in water pressure and a constant increase in your Water Bill are just some of the manifestations of potential pipe bursts or leaks in your water system.

Fixing your pipes could reverse this situation. Now, although such a repair could only be carried out by a licensed and certified Melbourne-based plumber, before calling one of these professionals, you should undertake the following DIY Leak Detection Test.

Stormwater Drain Check

Pipe damage, root intrusion, and accumulation of debris like rubbish, dirt, and sticks can cause stormwater drains to become broken or cracked. Moreover, damaged stormwaters can flood the soil surrounding the drain after heavy rain.

This may not be a problem at first, but as time goes by, constant wetting of the soil could cause its movement and subsequent structural damage to your house.

Stormwater Drain Blockage Signs

Ground cracks

Both internal and external cracking may be a sign of ground movement caused by a broken stormwater drain.

Bubbling stormwater drains

Water bubbling from a stormwater drain during heavy rain may signal that it is blocked.

Uneven grass growth

If grass grows in a specific spot in your garden, this could be because such a spot in the garden is receiving extra water from a blocked drain.

If you have a problem with your stormwater drain, you must solve it as soon as possible. Mr Leak Detector’s team of professional plumbers would be happy to help you solve that issue. These are some of the reasons to choose our service.

Roof Leak Testing

Roof leaks are a common problem in residential properties and, among other reasons, can be caused by storms or substandard roof installation.

Moreover, missing tiles or visible gaps after the occurrence of a storm are Manifestations that there are roof leaks in your home.

In any case, it is important to identify the specific cause of this problem in each case and, more importantly, to fix it before major damage occurs.

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Burst Pipe Detection Test

The two main signs of a severe burst pipe in the water system are:

  • Low water pressure on your property.
  • A constant and unjustified increase in your water bill.

Detecting an early water leak or burst pipe can prevent further damage to your Melbourne-based property, thereby saving you money in the long run.

How to do a DIY Mains Leak Detection Test

By carrying out the following four steps mentioned below, you can determine if there is water loss in your property. Note that if you want to repeat this test, you must wait around 30-40 minutes to get an accurate result.

  1. Go to your water meter. It should be located near the street frontage.
  2. Write down the figures that appear on your water meter since this will be our first reference for this test.
  3. Turn off the water meter for 30 minutes.
  4. Check your water meter figures again. If such figures changed, this could be indicative that you have a water leak.

Hire our team of licensed and certified Melbourne-based plumbers after doing a DIY Leak Detection Test

A DIY Leak Detection Test is just the first step to solving your leak problems. Indeed, Victoria laws provide that, with few exceptions, leak detection work must be done only by licensed and certified Melbourne-based plumbers.

Now, Mr Leak Detector offers you the following:

  • 24/7 Prompt Service
  • Nearby plumbers
  • Up-front and low rates
  • Coverage in all Melbourne suburbs

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