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Professional Shower Leak Detection

Shower Leak Detector Melbourne

Shower Leak Detection Melbourne

Are you in need of the services of a Shower Leak Detection in Melbourne? Read this.

You may see your house as a comforting place that provides security and protection for you and your loved ones. However, if you have a water drip that is not repaired in time, our sacred place can fill with mould, bacteria and rust, thus becoming a source of contamination that sooner or later will threaten your health.

On the other hand, bathrooms are among the areas of your home that require more care, since if we do not keep them dry, leaks can occur, and these will eventually damage other parts of your property or even those of third parties, as it usually happens when there are drains in residential buildings.

Now, the continuous use of bathrooms can produce a water leak and sometimes its source is in plain sight, but some other times it is not possible to see if it comes from a pipe, sink, tap or shower.

How do I find a rapture in my shower?

You probably should invest in shower leak detection if:

  • The paint is flaking or peeling.
  • Flooring or tiles are curling or loose near the shower.
  • Your bathroom’s wooden furniture looks chalky.
  • Mould spots appear near your shower or on your shower walls.
  • Water stains emerge on the shower ceiling.

How can I identify the source of my rapture?

The first thing you should do is sprinkle some water on the seams and see if the water seeps to the other side, in which case you can repair the drain with a caulk. On the other hand, bathtub drips are more difficult to identify and can cause the wood underneath to rot. Some signs of a bathtub drains are mould, curling vinyl, loose tiles, and peeling paint.

Or, if you want to save time and money, you could get in touch with Melbourne’s best leak detection team.

We have the tools, talent, and team required to identify unwanted drips and get your property water-tight.

Why is my shower leaking intermittently?

The main factors that cause shower leaks are holes, cracks, or deficient grout/tiles.

Why does my shower drip all the time?

When water drizzles or drips from the showerhead, the problem is in the valve. Also, gaskets and o-rings, which are used to seal connections, get damaged over time. Also, hard water deposits may have caused clogging or corrosion.

Keep in mind, your bathroom is susceptible to a range of raptures as its a hub for your home’s water. If you’re finding pools of water on the floor, or noticing paint peeling around the ceiling, the problem may run deeper than a pesky leaking shower.

Check out our premium bathroom resources to avoid unwanted raptures and ensure water is only flowing where it should.

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What is the best approach for shower leak detection?

Depending on the case, you may need to clean or repair your shower head or replace your cartridge valve or O ring. Get in touch with our Shower Leak Detection team.

How to repair shower raptures?

Unless the rapture is coming from a superficial place like the showerhead, Victoria laws require that existing drains be repaired by local certified and licensed plumbers —who, by the way, will be happy to change your shower head as well.

You might be wondering how to find the best local plumber. Or how to avoid getting ripped off by the type of tradie who ends up on A Current Affair, so here’s the only guide you need.

‘How to Find The Best Water Leak Detectors in Melbourne [Save Time & Money]’

Why Choose Us

We have a team of licensed and certified shower leak detection plumbers that will professionally repair your drip.

Among some of the many reasons to choose our services, we offer:

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  • Coverage in all Melbourne suburbs

So if you see one or more of the signals described above, it is recommended that you contact our team by calling at (03) 9331 6633 to receive more information or a FREE Quote.

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