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Professional Water Leak Detector

Water Leak Detector Melbourne

Water Leak Detector Melbourne

Below we’ll tell you everything you need to know about water drips and how our Melbourne-based team of plumbers can help you solve such an issue with state-of-the-art thermal imaging leak detection devices.

While drains come in all shapes and sizes, the results are the same – potentially catastrophic damage and a repair bill that’s going to include more digits than a phone number.

Speaking of phone numbers, when you need fast and affordable leak detection, call our expert team on 9331 6633 and get the help you need FAST.

What are the consequences of having a drain on my property?

Black stains on the ceiling

Ceiling discolouration or black spots may signal the presence of the drip in general. However, if you have a black stain below a bathroom that is on your property’s second floor, the odds are that you have a toilet or shower leak.

Sagging ceiling

Likewise, a shower drip can be the cause of a sagging ceiling. This can be dangerous as it can be a sign that your property’s structure is weak and can collapse on you.

Floor Damage

The drains may stain, crack, warp and soften your home’s floor, including kitchen tiles, leading to costly repairs.

Mildew and Mould

If a toilet drip is not repaired promptly, it will produce mildew and mould, opening the door to potential health issues such as increased allergies, asthma, respiratory tract irritation, and even the deadly black fungus, which is highly toxic.

Blistering or peeling paint

If you notice that your walls start to blister or peel, this may be a consequence of deterioration caused by a water drain.

Rusty pipes

Another source of drips is Galvanized Steel drains or pipes, as these tend to develop corrosion and rust. If your property has these types of pipes, it is a good idea to replace them before they start leaking, in which case you will need to replace them anyway in addition to having to make any repairs for the damages caused by such pipe leaks.

Unusual sounds

It is normal to hear noises coming from the pipes in your house while you are using the water service, but if that is not the case and you still hear running water, vibrations, or rattling sounds, this could be due to a loose mount or fitting which could cause a drip inside your walls.

A decrease in water pressure

One of the main causes of a decrease in water pressure in your home is having sediment deposits in the pipes, poor valves, and toilet drains.

Your Water Bill keeps increasing

One of the most common reasons for the increase in your water bill is the existence of drainings. What starts with a single drop over time turns into thousands of gallons of water that is wasted but not overlooked by your Water Utilities company.

Can I repair the drips by myself?

If, to repair your water drain, you need to touch pipework, and you are not a licensed and certified plumber, you cannot do this repair. Indeed, in Melbourne, there are really few plumbing jobs that a person other than a professional plumber can do on their own.

What is worse, you could, among other things, have to pay a fine of at least $ 32,000 if it’s determined that you breached Victoria’s Plumbing and Drainage Act 2018.

WAIT!!! Just because you can’t fix tricky water drains doesn’t mean you can’t investigate the cause in your home or business.

We’ve put together a simple, DIY guide to help you detect drainings in your home – and your DIY leak detection test is available right here.

Can plumbers detect and repair the raptures?

Yes. Licensed and certified plumbers have the knowledge, experience, legal authorization, and modern devices necessary to detect and repair any drip on your property.

In addition, the law requires them to have insurance, so if any damage occurs because of their work, the corresponding insurance company will be in charge of making the respective compensations instead of you.

Looking to save time and money on your next repair? Here’s how you find Melbourne’s BEST water leak detectors (get ready to save serious time and money).

Trustworthy Water Leak Detector in Melbourne

Having a water rapture does not have to be a nightmare. Our Water Leak Detector Melbourne team is able to repair your hidden water drips on your floor, roof, or walls.

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We make leak detection simple and we want YOU to put us to the test.

Check out our article, if you want to learn what is the process of fixing a leaking tap.

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